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If you have an upcoming audition for a voice over Atlanta job, then you're most likely competing against other Atlanta voice over pros for the same gig. In this tough economy, the working Atlanta voice talent must do the best they can in order to get the job. Here are a few things an Atlanta voice talent can do to increase their chances:

1.) Be on time! If you’re late for a Georgia voiceover audition, you've probably killed your chances before you even start. Clients expect professionalism, not excuses. Try scheduling an extra half hour to your travel time. If nothing bad happens on your way, you’ve got that additional half hour to practice.

2.) Dress for success! So many people forget the importance of dressing well, then can’t figure out why they didn’t get the Atlanta announcer job. Arriving at a voiceover Atlanta audition in crappy jeans, stained T-shirt and messy hair will get you nothing but dismissed. As they say, first impressions are everything and your appearance for an Atlanta narrator audition needs to say, “I really want this voice over Atlanta job.”

3.) Professional attitude! One of the quickest ways an Atlanta voice talent can get blacklisted for Georgia voice over auditions is to be uncooperative. Take whatever direction the client gives you with sincerity. Take any criticisms with a smile.

4.) Have fun! Casting directors will notice if you’re relaxed and confident, just as they will if you’re frightened or nervous. Even the best Atlanta announcer can experience a bit of nervousness during an Atlanta voice talent audition. Best way to beat it? Have fun! Joke around some and even make light of things when they go wrong.

5.) Thanks! Clients eat up courtesy. Thank them for their time and make them feel appreciated for putting you on the roster.

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